Monday, April 27, 2015

Reflecting on Bisbee's Obscure Productions Twelfth Season

by Mitchell A. Reed-Tattan

When any change occurs, you also expect more changes. Often times than not, they are negative. This was a great fear of mine in accepting the producer role in regards to B. O. P. However, I can happily say that I have seen no changes in the support of the community. And if anything, it has increased. Which, is wonderful! I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But, I did expect it to be more difficult. We have seen some new faces grace our stage and some veterans return, expanding their acting abilities.
The season opened with 'Agnes of God'. Something I feared that would disturb audiences to no end, as it did me, upon the first time I had read the script. And I am a big fan of horror films. But, I was pleasantly surprised when almost every single performance received a standing ovation. I remember crying after hearing all the wonderful things and reactions opening night. The director Elizabeth Holder Henley did a wonderful job. Debbie Gardner was incredible as Martha Livingston, Emily Roux made her B. O. P. debut as a convincingly disturbed Sister Agnes, and Sharon Strachan shined as Mother Miriam Ruth.
Then came the comedy show. Something that I have always enjoyed participating in and I know some others have as well. From a personal stand point, it hit me hard this year when in rehearsals for a sketch I was doing with a very talented friend of mine, Nikki Heinrich, one of the originators of the sketch passed away, Robin Williams. Imagine my surprise. The sketch called, oddly enough, 'The Funeral Parlor' took on an entirely different meaning for me and I am sure my scene partner as well. And thus, the show was appropriately named, 'Nanu Nanu'.
Our second main stage show of the year, 'Death By Design' brought a few more new faces to the B. O. P. stage. And everyone was so incredibly played. Gilles Brown returned to direct something she was well known for doing, a murder mystery but, this time it had a comedic twist. While I was reluctant with the role that I was asked to play, I was so overly filled with joy to watch others bloom in roles that they took on so well. And I can not wait to work with another cast that great down the road. Such a great time.
And today, we close this season with 'Cosi'. A show that proved very hard to cast, especially when it came to the role of 'Ruth'. We went through four of them, all bringing something incredibly different and wonderful. And the one we ended up with learned her lines in twenty-five days and only making her second appearance with B. O. P. Her first being 'Death By Design'. An incredible trooper she is. Though, that does not take away from the rest of the incredible cast and crew that makes up this show of veterans and newcomers. Not to mention my favorite role, I think.
Now I look to the future. We move to a four show season. 'Sylvia' directed by Britt Hanson opening in September, 'The Glass Menagerie' directed byRae Jones opening in November, 'Honk' directed by Gilles Brown opening in February 2016, and finally 'The Dixie Swim Club' directed by ME (Mitchell A. Reed-Tattan)! Opening in April 2016! Yes... I am only slightly excited. With a variety of different types of shows coming to B. O. P's thirteenth season, how could you go wrong? I can't wait to see who returns to our little stage and what new faces appear.
Thank you to our small community for all your wonderful support. We are nothing without you. Thank you for making this season an incredible first as producer for me and I will see you in September!... well, after today's last performance of 'Cosi', and then I'll see you in September!

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