Saturday, November 9, 2013

Take it Away, Mitchell. . .Please!

“Obscure” Rae, founder of Bisbee’s Obscure Productions, will be even more obscure at this year’s Almost Annual Comedy Show, “Up With Sheeple!” After ten years of telling jokes at this laugh fest, designed to give local comics a place to strut their stuff, she is simply verclempt. She’s sure there are plenty of ridiculous Bisbee, national, and world situations just begging to be ridiculed, but she will leave it to her well seasoned, and very funny, minions to take them on this year.

Mitchell Allen Reed-Tattan, Rae’s brother, sister, girlfriend, son, will lead the pack as producer and emcee this year. Hooray for young blood, new blood! Mitchell has spent considerable time backstage with BOP and tricking him, sort of, into taking a part in Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” is one of the smartest things Rae has ever done. Since moving over to the “lighter side” he has blossomed into one of the best comics we know, shining as a comic actor, stand up comedian, and improv performer. Trust us, you are in very good hands.

So come on out to the show and give the new kid a look and listen. You will no doubt hear Rae’s laughter from the back row as Mitchell and his fabulous line up of funny folk break her, and you, up. Rae will be the one with the paper bag over her head