Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time to Strut Your Stuff!

One of Bisbee’s Obscure Productions primary missions is to provide performing opportunities for our friends and neighbors. We love it when fledgling actors come to show off what they’ve got, learn new skills, and increase their confidence, and for our now seasoned actors to show off different sides of themselves. This all happens in service to another of our missions, entertaining and enlightening our Bisbee area audiences.

BOP has not one, but TWO, opportunities coming up right now for area performers and actors to join us on stage. Auditions for Colin Higgins' charming and quirky cult classic, Harold and Maude, will be held February 1 & 2, at 3:00 both days, at the Squffy Theater at Central School Project in Old Bisbee. This show should be lots of fun for teen through older adult actors, with its wide range of plum roles. Interested actors, experienced and not, can read the script at the Copper Queen Library to find the part(s) that fit them, or that might just be fun to try out! Actors are asked to prepare a short monologue for auditions and will also read from the script.

Auditions are also running by appointment at this time for BOP’s annual, Bisbee Women’s Revue, a celebration of the many ways a woman can be, honoring International Women’s Day on March 8. This show requires less commitment to group rehearsals, so it is a good way to fit something into a busy schedule and still get a chance to play. Women offering all types of performance arts are invited to contact this year’s producer, Tianya Milagro, at or 520-236-4886 to schedule an audition.

BOP is also welcoming volunteers interested in becoming involved behind the scenes for any of our shows. Contact Rae at 520-432-2901, or, or show up at one of the auditions this weekend and let us know what you’d like to try.

“The play is the thing.” Come play with us!

Monday, January 20, 2014

It is time yet again to get ready for Bisbee’s Obscure Production's annual Women's Revue. BOP is seeking a few good women to audition for this yearly celebration of the many ways a woman can be. Shows will be held one weekend only: Friday and Saturday nights, March 7 and 8, with an afternoon matinee on Sunday March 9. All shows and the one dress rehearsal, March 5, will be held at Bisbee's Central School Project. If you have an act you would like to contribute to the show – music, song, dance, poetry, skit, or otherwise – please contact Tianya Milagro, producer for this year’s festivities, by email at, or at 520-236-4886 with any questions or to set up an audition time. This show is different and wonderful every year, so plan to be part of this one! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Twelve, Count ’em!, Twelve!

It’s a wonder to me that Peter Gardner, BOP’s newest director, has been able to round up a cast of twelve men for his debut on the dark side. Where were you guys ten years ago? And, please!, stick around. Maybe they just needed a vehicle for their anger and they figure that Reginald Rose’s classic Twelve Angry Men is just the ticket.

Many of Peter’s actors are BOP veterans, many of whom, began their acting days in BOP’s production of Inherit the Wind a few years back. We pulled in every guy we knew to cast that show, then we lost a few, and reeled in some more, and Rae still had to play a trouser role. We’re so happy that we did, because some of our favorites, Randy Ashcraft, James Coull, Chuck Feil, and Will Gronlund will favor us with their talents in this gripping court drama.

Other members of this outstanding ensemble joined us for Inherit the Wind and are continuing as BOP stalwarts. Bill Higgins, James Hollenstein and Peter Gardner will stretch their ranges, showing us their angry side in our newest offering. Yes, Peter lost an actor and is now walking on both sides of the footlights. Welcome to community theater directing, my friend. . .

Peter has reached beyond the BOP regulars to recruit “new to us” actors Malachi Gray, John Kuehne, and Ron Zeno, and we look forward to seeing their work. Providing performers with a home on stage is one of the things we do, and we hope to see more of these fellows.

This talented group is rounded out by BOP veteran’s Britt Hanson and Mitchell Reed-Tattan and gives a nod to two of our finest women, Margo McCartney and Abby (aka Abe) Hottel, in voice over roles. In the true spirit of community theater, Gene Conners will serve as the guard.

This show is suitable for younger audiences. The guys are angry, but they don’t curse, and BOP encourages families to attend. A limited number of student scholarship tickets are available by calling BOP at 520-432-2901, or emailing Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor credits seeing the film that grew from this play with inspiring her to become a lawyer. Hmmmm. . .

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twelve Angry Men
by Reginald Rose

Judge: Margo Macartney
Clerk: Abby Hottel
Guard: Gene Conners
Foreman: Britt Hanson
Juror Two: Mitchell A. Reed-Tattan
Juror Three: Peter Gardner
Juror Four: Randy Ashcraft
Juror Five: Malachi Gray
Juror Six: Chuck Feil
Juror Seven: Ron Zeno
Juror Eight: James K. Coull
Juror Nine: Bill Higgins
Juror Ten: Will Gronlund
Juror Eleven: James Hollenstein
Juror Twelve: John Kuehne

Producer: Rae E. Jones
Director: Peter Gardner

Fridays & Saturdays
January 10 & 11, 17 & 18, 2014
at 7:30 pm
Sundays, January 12 & 19
at 3:00 pm

Central School Project
43 Howell Avenue, Old Bisbee