Friday, November 20, 2009

Scratch that Clarinet -- But we do need...

We found a clarinetist, actually a sax player.

We do need a trombonist and a drummer. Must read music well.

Call Carol Park at (520) 432-7853.

A Man & a Musician or Two

BOP is deep into rehearsals for Urinetown, the Musical, and, I must say, the show is coming along swimmingly. We've cast it well with a comparatively (for the CSP stage) huge cast of talented folk, all very well suited to their roles and ranges. BUT --

We need one more man to fill out the chorus, play a poor person and possibly a cop in the "Cop Song." You'll be playing for the love of it. Call Gilles or Rae at (520) 432-2901.

We're also looking for a clarinet player and possibly others. For the musicians, since you might have to skip a gig, there's a small stipend. Contact Carol Park at (520) 432-7853.

Chaos was great fun

Chaos Comedy from Phoenix gave a great workshop and performance last Saturday. In the workshop, we all learned a great deal about how to be both honest on stage and funny. The performance kept the laughs rolling.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Toilet News

Times Square "amenities" are getting attendants, culled from hundreds of starving actors.

See for yourself.

We are MOVIN'

Here's a picture of one our recent rehearsals. The cast is moving so fast to a good performance that I can't get a "still" picture.

We'll work on a video for you.

Stay tuned.