Friday, April 2, 2010

Here Today Opening Tonight

Love, it's all about love -- whom to love and how.

Pearl Watkins has created a comedy drama that will have you laughing just when you thought you were going to cry -- and feeling tears prick your eyes just when the comedy is at its peak. At the beginning of the play Alan and Sophie argue about their crumbling relationship. Sophie is sexually inhibited, Alan is frustrated, so Sophie decides to move out. They become involved with new same-sex partners who happen to be twins separated at birth. Add the mother of the twins, languishing in a loveless marriage, and a wealthy long-lost lover determined to find her, and we have six characters caught up in the pursuit of ideals that may not even exist. However, their selfishness is transformed after a visit to the mysterious House of Sheets, and they find themselves united by the shock of a common loss. By the end of the play they have all attained a degree of happiness, probably transient but no less real and meaningful while they have it.

The lovely couples in the photograph are Cobban Barnett & Christa Smith, Ginger O'Leary & Carl Purush Siberon.