Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Fourteenth Season is a-Brewing

Mark your calendars for September 23. That's when BOP will be opening our 14th season. And we'll be opening with a bang. First up is The Fisherman's Clever Daughter, an operetta based on a Czech folk tale and brought to the stage by Jeremey Caron, Ben Caron, and their talented father, Samuel R. Caron, Ph.D.

We're still auditioning plays for slots two and four.

Slot three, opening February 17, 2017 (yikes!) will be another Agatha Christie, nothing anyone in Bisbee has done before. Christie was quite prolific, and, as a master of dialogue, loved to write plays. Stay tuned to find out which great whodunnit we'll choose.

We hope to see you all in September, and to entertain you throughout the year.

Oh, yes, and you will get to entertain us! We'll have Open Stage nights between the shows, and we're looking forward to seeing what you bring to us.