Friday, January 1, 2016

Lots of Chances for Fun. Don’t Miss Yours

It seems quiet at BOP right now, but don’t be fooled. Behind the holiday business, BOP’s actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and techies are beginning rehearsals for the second musical of our lifetime. This one is “Honk!,” the story of the ugly duckling, a tale that reminds us of just how OK it is to be different. Our cast of characters from 8 years of age to 80 is looking for one mature soprano to fill out the cast. Are you her? Do you know her? Come on around and have some fun. Great music, great show, fun cast! The show opens February 26, so there’s plenty of time to learn the part. Call or e-mail Gilles now at 520.432.2901,

After a rousing start, Open Stage will take a month off in January while we regroup. February 19 will be the next chance to join or to encourage these talented performers, so get off the couch and polish up an act. We want to see it!

After a hiatus, BOP’s brave improv actors will be trying to stir up interest in a group again, perhaps for performance, perhaps just for fun, whatever the participants decide. Former and new players are invited to our first “reboot” gathering on January 29, 2:00 at Central School Project’s Squffy Theater, with further dates to be set at that time. Come to play, to get quick on your feet, just for fun, or for show, but come! No experience necessary -- we are making it up! Rae can give you more improv and Open Stage info at 520.432.2901 or

Bring your best to the New Year, to BOP, and to Bisbee! You will get the best back.

In the pic: In rehearsal for Honk! Rosa Miller as Queenie, Lizzy Heinrich as Lowbutt and Nikki Heinrich as Cat.

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