Saturday, November 1, 2014


Yes, this is truly scary, carrying the Bisbee Halloween Season well into next month. BOP’s “Almost Annual Comedy Show,” will bring laughs galore for the 12th time on November 21 and 22 at 7:30, with a 3:00 matinee on November 23. Our yearly laugh riot will take place at BOP’s home, Central School Project’s “Squffy” Theater in the heart of Old Bisbee.

Join your old favorites presenting new stuff for your enjoyment and tittilation! Hillary! Keith! Mitchell! Lyn! Rae! Carrie! And a cast of thousands! OK, a few more. The show’s theme this year is “Nanu, Nanu” in honor of recently passed King of Comedy, Robin Williams. Mitchell can even do the hand sign!

Want to join us? One guy of any age, shape, size, or political affiliation is invited to strut his stuff, and I mean most of his stuff, in a sketch designed by our lovely MC for the night. You must be willing to show up each night, and strip down to your boxers, but your appearance will be brief, and there are no lines to learn. If you are ready to show us what you’ve got, or not, contact Rae at 432-2901, or at and be a hero!

For more show information, contact our new, fabulous producer, Mitchell Reed-Tattan (yes, it is all his fault now), at 520-255-2097, or at Can’t wait to show up, show off, and show out for you this year!

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