Friday, July 25, 2014

Come to God, Now

The dark times are almost over at Bisbee’s Obscure Productions, and it's nearly time to get our 2014-2015 season off and running with auditions for Agnes of God by John Pielmeier. This intense psychological drama is the first totally serious play BOP has offered in a long time, if ever. I know, I know, comedies make for better date nights, but guys, consider the comfort factor that might just bring your gal in close to you. You know what to do after that, but do comfort her first, OK?

Agnes features three female actors in its three great roles. Sister Agnes, a young nun, indicted for manslaughter in the death of her newborn child, who sings like an angel (strong soprano needed). Mother Miriam, Mother Superior of the convent, who protects and shelters Agnes, but always for her own good? (An older woman with strong acting and line learning capabilities is needed.) Completing the trio is Dr. Martha Livingstone (I presume), a completed character, but perhaps not quite complete as a human herself, serving as the court appointed psychiatrist charged with the task of determining if Agnes is sane enough to stand trial. (This role also requires a mature actress who can learn her lines, and she smokes.)

The build up of the drama between these strong characters, and the strength of a very well crafted story will keep viewers spellbound to the end, and questioning after. Continue your date night with a discussion over a glass of wine?

So, audience, continue to cool your jets until the play opens on October 3. And actresses, start your engines and learn your monologues to be ready for auditions on August 2 & 3, 2:00-5:00, at the Squffy, Central School Project, Old Bisbee. Elizabeth Henley directs, so for more information, or to schedule a special time, contact her at 520-234-8891 or

All other BOP inquiries can be directed to our brand new Producer, Mitchell Reed-Tattan at 520-255-2097, or

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to see something at BOP, come on over to our CSP studio at 10:00 Thursday mornings, and you can participate in getting the place back into even better shape for the start of the new season. Then you can tell your date, “Hey, I did that!” Maybe meet someone there to be your date. . . The rest is up to you.

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