Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bisbee Women’s Revue, 2014!!

Tickets are out, and you should get yours early at Atalanta Music & Books, The Bisbee Food Coop, or us (BOP at 432-2901)! You won’t want to chance missing this always different, always fabulous array of Bisbee women sharing their hearts and talents in local celebration of women everywhere. The show is held evenings at 7:30 this year on March 7 & 8, with one 3:00 matinee on March 9, always as close as we can get to International Women’s Day, March 8. 

Bisbee women have celebrated International Women’s Day for generations now, often with pot lucks, then with shows. With the advent of new production talent at BOP in the lovely form of younger generation, Tianya Milagro. BOP promises to continue in this tradition. Tianya is a Bisbee native and cut her teeth producing her own successful show, Cabaret de las Muertos, twice, with more to come. Her love for the women’s show led her to answer Rae’s cry for help and pick up the heavy lifting this year. We hope that others will follow her lead and that this show can return to being a more collective effort.

Of course if Tianya is producing, there will be dancing. And lots of it! Not only will Central School’s Squffy stage be graced by the amazing and sensual belly dancing of Tianya and Rogue Tribal, but several other local dance favs will take on new names and new guises to entertain you as well. We will also be pleased to welcome a group of young women dancers to the stage this year. The “Daughters of Rogue” will perform a dance piece, probably not quite in the footsteps of their moms.

Of course, comedy will not be forgotten in this year’s show. Rae will be busy dancing, so Sharon Strachan will step up from her popular roles of songster and comic to take on the emcee role, and do both!

Don’t miss it if you can!

“Obscure” Rae

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