Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beneath Summer Theater Darkness, BOP Bubbles On


Hi, Community Theater Fans, both long time and recent,

If you see any BOP flyers floating around these days, they will be the last of the last season, and you either remember the performances with fondness, or are experiencing extreme regret, having missed them. A third option could exist, I guess, and you could have seen something you regret. . . If that happened, we regret it too, and hope that you will give us another try. We do try to have something for everyone, which means that everything might not please everyone. We are a community of blessedly diverse tastes.

Opportunities are open for backstage volunteers over the summer, as well as an opportunity to come play on stage once a month with our improv group (to be named later). Rae is also organizing for another acting class, her last having been so well received. Let her know what times and days work for you. Email your interest to

We’ll be doing studio work days most Monday mornings during the summer, mostly 10:00 a.m. to noon, so if anyone wants to build flats, sort screws and costumes, build more storage for all that stuff, and goodness knows what all else, let us know.

Improv workshop continues to meet the first Friday of each month at the Squffy, 1:00-3:00ish, and we love new players! No experience necessary --
you will have one instead. Come to check us out, whether you want to perform or just play.

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